We shouldn’t have to worry about criminals from other countries coming here to target Texans. But some cities in Texas have been giving sanctuary to dangerous illegal immigrants who should have been deported. That why I co-authored the bill to ban all ‘sanctuary cities’ and Gov. Abbott signed it into law.

But recently, a liberal activist judge in San Antonio struck it down—so we must go to court to fight to protect our families.

We cannot let liberal activist Judges legislate from the bench.  It’s the role of the legislature to make the law, not judges, and since I’ve been in office, I’m proud of the long list of bills we’ve passed to prevent illegal immigrations. We’ve added $1.6 billion dollars in funding for border security, increased the number of state troopers assigned to monitor the border, and deployed the latest detection technology—all in an effort to protect our families. Criminals who cross our border illegally have been put on notice— criminals are not welcome in Texas.


During my time in the Texas House, I have consistently worked to protect our Second Amendment rights. In fact, I have earned a perfect “A” rating from the NRA. I protect the Second Amendment because it guarantees my right to protect myself and my family.  That is important to me, and I know it’s important to you, too. I voted for open carry. I voted for the recently-passed law that makes Texas’s license-to-carry fees among the lowest in the nation. In fact, the annual cost for a five-year license is now just eight dollars a year. You can be assured that I will always vote to protect the Second Amendment, and your right to protect yourself and your family.


Recently, a liberal federal judge from Austin struck down my pro-life bill that bans the cruel abortion practice known as dismemberment from ever taking place again. This is the same guy who tried to kill one of my other pro-life bills a few years ago!

We cannot let liberal activist judges legislate from the bench.  It’s the role of the legislature to make the law, not judges, and since I’ve been in office, I’m proud of the long list of pro-life bills I’ve authored, passed, and are now law.

From the sonogram bill, to the 20-week ban to defunding Planned Parenthood, we’ve made major strides. The result? The number of abortion clinics in Texas is down from 40 to just 19 in the last few years. Without a doubt, I will continue to work hard to protect the unborn as a member of the Texas Senate. I promise to never stop fighting against liberal judges and liberal special interests in the battle to protect life.


While we lowered taxes in the last few sessions, I am very frustrated by the Texas legislature’s inability to pass a property tax relief bill in the last session. This is a tough and complex issue. I’m a homeowner and a realtor, so I understand the dire effects of skyrocketing property appraisals and how it affects your taxes. As a homeowner, I see how much these taxes take out of our pockets and see it growing rapidly each year.  As a commercial realtor, I see how these high property taxes stunt business growth. That’s why I voted for the version of the property tax bill that provided the most relief. That bill didn’t pass, but I will keep pushing.

In the end, property tax reform must be tied to school tax reform, because the vast majority of property taxes go to schools. We must create a balanced approach to reform that funds schools adequately without driving people out of their homes because of sky-high property taxes.


At age 37, while working full-time and raising three kids with my supportive husband, Mike – I decided to attend college at night. It wasn’t easy, but at 45, I graduated with 4.0. So, when you see me fighting to improve Texas schools, you know it’s because I understand the value of a good education and hard work.

Everybody likes the fictional character Robin Hood, but I am not happy at all about the Texas Robin Hood law. We must stop exporting our tax dollars to school districts outside our area, and use them to give our own kids the outstanding education they deserve. I’m working to make that happen. I helped put more funds into the classrooms where they can do the most good—providing the finest teachers, technology, and resources. I also voted to reduce the amount of standardized testing our kids are subjected to. And I supported the effort to strengthen the Texas teachers’ retirement fund. I will continue to work hard to make sure our kids are prepared for college, and have the vocational and technical skills they’ll need to enter the workforce and provide for their families.

I know education is the key to Texas’ future, and I will continue to work hard to make our public schools the best anywhere.


I believe that religious freedom is one of our most fundamental rights, and will always work to protect it.

In 2015, I put my beliefs into action when I helped pass a bill (Pastor Protection Act) that protects pastors from lawsuits or criminal prosecution if they refuse to conduct same-sex marriages.

Governor Greg Abbott signed the bill into law, under which pastors, churches, and their affiliates cannot be compelled to perform or facilitate marriages that “violate a sincerely held religious belief,” and refusal to provide services cannot be used as a basis for a civil or criminal legal action or loss of tax-exempt status.

In 2017, I co-authored and helped pass the “Freedom to Serve Children” bill. This bill grew out of a situation in which faith-based foster care programs were often threatened with lawsuits for following their consciences. Since such providers perform approximately 25% of all child welfare services in the state, and several had already closed because of the lack of conscience protection, I realized immediate action was required. These efforts protected the rights of the religious to adhere to their faith without fear of retaliation in the courts.


Listening to voters is why I have been so successful on transportation issues. You told me you wanted sound walls as part of the Interstate 635 expansion project—so I worked to make it happen. You told me you were tired of the proliferation of toll roads.  I stopped the private toll road company from taking private property through eminent domain. And I’ve rejected any transportation plans that included raising taxes, while working to make TxDOT more efficient.

I also worked to end budget diversions of tax dollars earmarked for basic road construction and maintenance. Now the money is going where it was intended to go— building and maintaining roads. I’ve found that all people want is a legislator who knows how to get things done, and I do. I believe the most important issue for rapidly-growing areas like ours is local control. We should be able to decide what the transportation infrastructure for our area looks like – not the bureaucrats in Austin.


The private property rights of my constituents were at risk in the last session, but I fought back and won. A private toll company was threatening to use eminent domain to further the Blacklands Corridor project—in other words, take our homes and private property for their own profit. I took on this eminent domain abuse and got results. I authored, filed, and helped pass legislation to strip the company of eminent domain powers.

And this session, I supported a bill that requires big cities to earn voter approval before they can annex new communities. I am committed to ensuring that all 254 counties in Texas, whether rural or urban, get the same opportunity—and that our private property rights are protected.