Cindy Burkett fell in love with her husband Mike in high school. They married and Mike joined the Air Force. While Mike served, Cindy went to work at a local law firm – the best job she could find without a college degree. Together, they scraped dimes to raise their three kids and put Mike through college. Raising a family is how Cindy learned to be fiscally responsible.

Always Working, Never Quitting

Cindy always wanted a college degree – so at the age of 37, with Mike’s job doing well and their kids approaching high school, Cindy started night school and continued to work full-time. Eight years later, Cindy graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a 4.0 GPA and two degrees.

Small Business Owner

Cindy became co-owner of Highline Enterprises, a company that owned and operated several Subway franchises. With each new location, Cindy was the first one to open up and last one to close. Be it managing payroll and negotiating leases, or preparing the food and cleaning the floors, Cindy did what it took to be successful. She learned just how difficult creating jobs and making payroll is when government taxes and regulation get in the way.

Today, Cindy is a successful commercial and residential realtor, helping families and small businesses find a place to thrive.


Convinced she could make a difference, Cindy ran against a liberal Democrat who held her local State Legislative seat. At the time, the GOP majority was just one seat and was in danger. Cindy ran to strengthen schools, lower our taxes, stop illegal immigration and protect the unborn. She ran on the values she had lived by throughout her life. The people entrusted her with their voice, and since then, Cindy has served us faithfully in Austin – keeping every promise she made.

As our conservative state representative, Cindy helped balance the State budget, passed the largest border security plan in Texas history, banned sanctuary cities, defunded Planned Parenthood, passed Open Carry, cut taxes by $5 billion, and helped make Texas the best place in the country for job creation.

For her keen ability to root out government waste, Cindy was appointed to the Texas Sunset Commission, the body responsible for eliminating duplication and inefficiency across all 130 Texas state agencies.

In all, 30 of Cindy’s bills have been signed by Governors Perry and Abbott – making Texas stronger and more conservative. Cindy was so successful she was recognized as a “Champion of Free Enterprise” by the Texas Association of Business and an “Effective Conservative” by the Conservative Roundtable of Texas.


Today, Cindy continues to serve us in Austin while working as a real estate agent here in North Texas. She and her husband of over 40 years, Mike, are active members of Mimosa Lane Baptist Church, where they have worshipped for the last 24 years.

From her life and actions, we know we can count on Cindy to keep fighting for our values in the Texas Senate. Cindy will never quit fighting.