Why we must store perfume in the refrigerator?

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It is very important to store your fragrances correctly because otherwise they will gradually lose their scent notes.

The perfumes and colognes to alcohol contain have a long term, however, this does not mean they are designed to last forever and how the guards can also affect your life time, because with the passage of time its composition changes and the essence weakens by modifying its aroma, and can acquire a rancid or metallic aroma.

Proper storage will benefit you and you will be able to maintain the characteristics of your favourite perfume for longer, some people keep their perfumes in the bathroom, others in the closet or drawers and others even in the refrigerator! Yes, you can keep perfume in the fridge.

perfume in the fridge

Is it convenient to keep a perfume in the refrigerator?

Although there are various theories about it, the answer of many experts is negative: speaking only of perfumes, the Fragrance Foundation confirms that the low temperatures of a refrigerator can degrade the essential oils of these fragrances and certain chemical substances that are in their composition.

The habit of keeping perfumes in the refrigerator is widespread, but can you put perfume in the freezer? The answer is also negative and with more reason since its temperatures in this device are even more extreme.

So what happens if you put a perfume in the fridge?

In case you still want to storage perfume in the fridge, you risk losing all its qualities and may even lose the characteristic aroma that it incorporates.

Too high or low temperatures can alter aromatic notes, which are very fragile. Not being able to put perfume in the fridge, you have to find a place in the house that does not experience large temperature changes to prevent the perfume from becoming more sour or less powerful than in its initial version.

Avoid corners where the perfume can receive direct sunlight and opt for dark cabinets or in rooms without large temperature changes. You should make sure that the ambient temperature is always kept between 12 and 22 degrees.

If kept correctly, avoiding storing perfume in the fridge, it has a fairly long shelf life as long as it is kept closed.

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