Sleeping with your hair up

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When looking after hair at night, doubts always come to us, is it better to pick it up or leave it loose? Can sleeping with a ponytail make our hair fall out more?

Yes, we already know the hairstyles that we should wear at night to wake up with an ideal look and the hair treatments that can be applied while we sleep, but it is not always clear how we should comb our hair before going to sleep.

There are several alternatives and theories about it, especially when we talk about long hair, things get complicated. We give you tips for hair while sleeping.

The advantages of sleeping with your hair up

One of the advantages of sleeping with your hair gathered is that we avoid that it happens to be in continuous contact with the skin of the face.

This contact causes the grease that naturally produces our scalp and the remains of hair care products to clog the pores of the skin of the face. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, sleeping with loose hair can make this problem worse.

On the other hand, sleep up with your hair will not affect hair health. Before you get a ponytail or bun, brush it gently, using a natural bristle comb or brush (like this) and use soft hair bands that don’t leave a mark, put too much pressure on the hair or tie knots.

Silicone rubbers are an excellent option to meet all these requirements. You can buy them on Amazon.

What are the drawbacks of pulling your hair up when sleeping? How to avoid them?

sleepingAs we have previously told you, collecting your hair has many advantages, especially for your skin and to avoid tangles and extra dirt on your scalp.

In addition, the advantages increase if you sleep hair up with long hair. However, there are hairstyles that are better to avoid. This hairstyle can weaken your hair and scalp.

Also avoid applying strong hair products before going to sleep, fixatives or lacquers are absorbed at night and can weaken hair. The last tip has to do with the material of your sheets, silk pillowcases are much more respectful of your hair.

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