Is there any rule to pay for a date: the man or the woman?

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Dating is an inevitable thing that has to happen to people in life, not to mention men and women who know each other to try to become something else, like a couple.

But just as appointments are inevitable, so are bills to pay, and when it comes to dating, the question of who is going to pays for a date the man or the woman, is one of the biggest questions anyone has.

Some say the invitee pays, but seriously, are you sure about this?

People, and times, have changed a lot. What you see in movies about romantic dating in a restaurant with a spectacular view of the city is a romantic idea, and it happens to people in real life.

But no one ever talks about the account or who pays it between woman vs man pays for a date.

invitee pays

That sometimes uncomfortable moment in which at the end of the pleasant moment people get up and leave, the famous account appears, and it is uncomfortable to know who the one who has to pay is.

Couples, mostly people trying to be couples, are the ones who experience these situations the most. It is very common that at some point in the relationship, or what is intended to be a relationship, people attend a restaurant, a cafe or some other place where it is necessary to pay a bill. It is here where many people fall into a sea of doubts.

Some people will say that the one who invites pays, while others will say that the one that is not correct. What does happen is that people, no matter how much you tell them that you are going to pay or that they pay, always make the gesture of paying them too.

Nevertheless, who pays, woman or man pays for a date, there is always going to be a conflict that no one can avoid, and that if you have come this far we will tell you what to do and who should pay.


The fairest and most equitable thing is that both people pay what they consumed. But be careful, they should take into account other options such as: When the person offers to pay, and is accepted, it is not so that they carry everything, whoever they are, they should not be abused, but the person who did not pay what they pay.

Consumed can offer to pay for some dessert, an ice cream or even transportation, something but with which you pay one thing with another, for example.

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