On the Issues

Folks in our community worry that the values that made our country great are being forgotten; values such as family, religion and hard work. That is why we are proud that our own Cindy Burkett is representing our principles in Austin.

This past legislative session, Representative Burkett helped balance the state budget without raising taxes and without eliminating the $1 million exemption to the franchise tax. Additionally, Cindy co-authored a tort reform measure that streamlines and dismisses frivolous lawsuits, a measure sure to create an even better environment for Texas’ businesses to create jobs. She also co-authored the successful voter identification bill, as well as a bill requiring doctors to show women the standard, pre-abortion sonogram before they go forward with the procedure.

Her efforts in the recent legislative session were recognized by The Texas Association of Business (TAB) with the “Champion for Free Enterprise” award. In addition, her voting record earned her the “Taxpayer Advocate” award from Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, the “Courageous Conservative” award from the Texas Conservative Coalition, and Eagle Forum ranks her as one of the most principled conservatives in the Texas House. CLEAT also named Cindy “Freshman of the Year” for her efforts on behalf of law enforcement. In addition, Cindy’s leadership was further recognized through her appointment to the Energy Council.

We can count on Cindy to stand up for the values we hold dear.

Create Jobs

As a small business owner with forty-five employees, Cindy knows firsthand that government is getting bigger and more burdensome by the minute – making it harder for employers to keep people on the job. Higher taxes and more regulations imposed at all levels of government are crushing the economy. That’s why Representative Burkett helped balance the state budget without raising taxes.

Cindy knows that small businesses create jobs, not government.  Small businesses employ over half of all private sector workers and pay 44% of private sector payroll. They have also created 64% of the private sector jobs over the past 15 years. We must lower taxes so that small business people can retain employees they may have had to layoff or hire new folks.

Stop Higher Taxes

Cindy Burkett knows that the more you raise taxes, the harder it is for people to make ends meet. And since the government can foreclose on people’s homes for failure to pay property taxes, increases create fear throughout our community. Fear of losing a job leads to fear of losing a home. As our Representative, Burkett successfully fought against those that wanted to raise taxes on homeowners and small businesses as a way to solve our budget problems.  And she will vote against any state income tax.

Low taxes means more money in your pocket, more money to hire people and more money to invest. Higher taxes stifle economic growth.

Illegal Immigration

The percentage of babies born at Parkland (Dallas County’s taxpayer-funded hospital) to illegal immigrants has increased over the past few years from an eye-popping 70% to a mind-numbing 74%. Illegal immigration is down across the country because of the economy, but up in Texas, costing taxpayers an estimated $3.7 billion per year! With 50% of immigrant families on some kind of welfare program, Texas breadwinners having a tough enough time providing for our own families, we simply can’t afford the costs associated with illegal immigration.

2nd Amendment

Cindy is the proud bearer of a concealed handgun license. She believes strongly in the U.S. Constitution and the right to keep and bear arms.


Cindy believes that life is precious and will defend it with action, not just words.   Cindy co-authored the successful bill requiring doctors to show women the standard, pre-abortion sonogram before they go forward with the procedure.

Property Rights

Cindy is a conservative who believes strongly in protecting private property rights.

Public Education

All three of Cindy’s children attended public schools and she understands the importance of providing the highest quality education to our children.  When Cindy was elected, the Legislature faced a budget shortfall that exceeded $20 billion. And while tough decisions had to be made to keep Texas living within its means, Cindy kept education as a top priority throughout the budgeting process.  Other sections of the budget received deeper cuts in order to keep education funding at the budgeted level.  And whenever new revenues were discovered, Cindy fought to increase funding to education.

Cindy looks forward to working to continue the task of bringing equity to school funding in Texas so that our children will receive a quality education.