We warned President Obama about our problems at the border years ago. His failure to act has put Texas in a grave crisis, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Since October, about 60,000 illegal immigrants have crossed the border. Before that, illegal immigration cost Texas breadwinners an estimated $3.7 billion a year in welfare and resources. Imagine what the new cost estimate will be for Texans who are already having a tough enough time providing for their own families.

It is estimated another 150,000 illegal migrants will breach our borders by the end of next year. While Washington falters, in Texas we must do everything in our power to secure the border and preserve the precious resources we have allocated for American citizens here at home.


Having put all three of her children through public school, Cindy is committed to providing the highest quality education to all Texas children. Last session, Cindy kept her word and voted for a $3.4 billion increase in education funding – restoring much of what was lost because of the great recession.

With Cindy at the helm, public and higher education now represent over 54 percent of general revenue spending in Texas. But the increase in funding will do little if we do not spend it wisely in the classroom. Moving forward, Cindy is committed to increasing local control and efficiency so our schools and teachers can more effectively drive up student achievement in the classroom.


Cindy knows first hand that small businesses create jobs, not government. As a small business owner with forty-five employees, Cindy learned the hard way that big government regulations and taxes prevent growth and crush our local economy.

With small businesses employing over half of private sector workers, Cindy has taken every step to empower our local job creators by getting government out of the way. In fact, last session, Cindy passed over $1.3 billion in tax relief so our small businesses can hire more employees across the state.


We know now that when President Obama said, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” it just wasn’t true. In the first year alone, Obamacare has cancelled thousands of Texans’ health insurance plans, raised premiums on thousands more, and destroyed countless jobs.

Like you, Cindy knows we need a new approach to health care that will lower premiums through competition and provide an affordable option for everyone. In the Texas House, Cindy will continue to fight Obamacare’s implementation until itis finally repealed and replaced with a free-market solution that works for every Texan.


Last year, Cindy finally had to retire the family car after putting over 250,000 miles on the odometer. Cindy practices this same frugality when it comes to the Texas budget. She knows how to stretch a dollar and get the most out of scant resources and careful investments.

Cindy brought this family budgeting approach to the Texas House and, since serving as our representative, has passed a balanced budget every time. We can count on Cindy to keep our government lean, effective, and on budget.


The simple truth is: the less money the government has, the more money our families get to keep. That’s why Cindy passed more than $1.3 billion in tax relief last session and is committed to repealing every destructive tax that hurts hard-working Texans.

Moving forward, Cindy will continue working to cut the Gross Margins Tax, which roadblocks the growth of our local small businesses and prevents them from hiring future employees.


The first duty of government is to protect our lives. Just like the founding fathers, Cindy believes that life is precious and must be defended with action, not just words. That’s why Cindy co-authored the pre-abortion sonogram bill, which required doctors to show women the standard sonogram of their baby before they move forward with the procedure.


Cindy is a proud bearer of a concealed handgun license and strongly believes in all of the U.S. Constitution – especially the right to keep and bear arms.