Choosing the perfect eyeshadow palette for blondes

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When it comes to applying makeup, you are always looking for shades that show harmony with the rest of your face.

And it is that depending on your skin, hair or eye colour, you should choose eyeshadow palette for blondes and apply some colours to your makeup or others.

Not everything goes! You may like green a lot, but if you have blue eyes, it won’t be the right shade. Or even, if you have very light skin colour, too dark tones will harden your features too much.

Do you know how to combine colours and how to paint your eyes? Here is a discussion!

A sweeping look: the perfect shades for blondes

Let’s start with blondes since, depending on the colour of your hair, some colours will be better than others. Do you want to know which ones are yours? Well take note!

Start by betting on “less is more” and you don’t need to be in disguise to look good. Do not use too flashy or dark colours, as they will not fit anything with your skin tone and hair colour.

shades for blondesBlondes are sensual, feminine and have a sweeter look, so go for light and bright colours that highlight your hair colour.

There are many types of blondes. There is ash blonde, gold blonde, Nordic blonde, dark blonde and although depending on the blonde there are colours that feel better than others there are some that are infallible for light hair.

Take note of the fundamental tones of eyeshadow palette for blondes. Light up your gaze!

So you can see it, expert recommendation is that you use pastel shades, since they usually provide a better result: pinks, lilacs, greys or nudes, they will add more luminosity to your complexion.

And you can even add some gold dots under your eyebrows and in the tear. How to get it? With a palette that will make you combine all these colours quickly with The Blushed Nudes.


This palette is made to create infinite looks. 12 shades of soft pinks to deep bronzes for multiple effects. What is your ideal colour? You have a lot to choose from, you saw your look! Light up your look and get a sophisticated look with neutral and natural colours.

Final words

By the way, not everything is going to be nude shadows; for the night you can opt for smoky eyes (smoked effect). Create a blur effect with shades of brown or dark grey and try to avoid black, which will make your features too hard. Frame your eyes!

Then do a subtle liner flush with your upper lashes and of course apply a layer of mascara. Perfect! You already have impression eyes thanks to a few touches of makeup.

Blonde hair and bright, simple and natural eyes. Boost your blonde colour post choosing eyeshadow colour for blondes!

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