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What we stand for

We’re collaborative. We welcome the experiences and views of everyone, and find common ground. This collective and cohesive voice is our greatest strength.

We’re informed. We draw on research and the expertise and experience of our networks to understand what’s getting in the way of progress and to find solutions.

We’re progressive. We work across lines to explore new ground and address difficult issues. Everything we do is about creating a just and inclusive society.

We’re confident. Our shared purpose, experience and expertise give us the confidence to do what we set out to do.

My beauty interest started at the age of seven when I discovered red nail varnish, after promising myself I would wear red when I was a grown-up, which I did and do. Sadly the eighties meant that I went through the blue phase, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, all at the same time! the photos are safely away from public viewing.

Now I find myself a beauty blogger and self-appointed beauty editor, my background is based in beauty, I have the ITEC qualification in Anatomy, Physiology and Swedish Massage, I trained company as a beauty consultant and makeup artist, working on the counter, editorial shoots and events.
I hope to share my knowledge of products and application techniques, now I am in my forties I want to show you that age does not define you when it comes to cosmetics, no number means you have to be a certain way or wear or use a particular product.

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